Saturday, November 24, 2007

Weird Dark Border around Leopard Desktop

Since yesterday a dark border kept appearing in my Leopard desktop. I am currently using six spaces and this dark border only appears in space 2, which I used the spaces for Safari and internet browsing.

The screen looks like:

Posted my problem to Whirlpool, some suggested that it could be the Expose that is doing the trick. I am still don't know what is the purpose of having the dark border around the screen. I did not change Expose configuration.

After a machine restart, it seems alright where the dark border disappear in all spaces. Weird.

Wonder if this is a problem with Leopard? Or somehow I did something that trigger this dark border to appear?


NHJ said...

Yes, I see this too. The border is a half-dead zone. It's like you can see outside it, but can't do stuff outside it to windows. But menus work outside.

NHJ said...

And hitting expose (F11) twice makes it go away.