Wednesday, October 31, 2007

First MacBook Pro - With Leopard

31 October 2007 marks an important part of my life as I have just bought my first Mac - A MacBook Pro 15 inch 2.4 Ghz.

After long awaiting months for Leopard, and now I am carrying my Mac in this black slim box walking down the street. The box opening experience was a pleasant one. With no complication, unwrap the box and removed the white protector cover, revealed the silver and shiny MacBook Pro.

The MacBook Pro was accompanied with cables and charger. Underneath the MacBook Pro was a small square box which filled with manual and some CDs. The CDs include the new Mac OSX due to the MacBook Pro was shipped before Leopard was released, and some other miscellaneous CDs.

Quick glance through the manual suggested that I should be plugging in the cable and start charging my laptop. This is the first time I use a magnetic charger. It is kind of fancy where the cable will just attract to the MacBook Pro.

While charging is in progress, I cannot wait to open the lid and what I saw was simple - A screen, keyboard, trackpad and a power button, not to mention the shiny surface. When it started up, first it completed the installation of Tiger - simple installation - no grilling or interrogative question asked.

Next I cannot wait to put on Leopard that came with the CD. It took quite a long time to complete the installation of Leopard, approximately 1 hour or more. During the installation, the laptop got pretty warm which made me worry.

After the installation was complete, the laptop restarted and there I am, sitting in front of a Mac, with the latest OSX installed. I am impressed with the presentation of the OS itself. Nice, clean, and the eye-candy animation.

Quickly change my desktop background to one of the pictures under 'Plant' with lots of green leaves. I suppose that is good for my eyes. Tried all the applications sitting at the bottom of the screen. All applications look great.

One of the applications that caught my attention was the photo booth. It was very creative and mimic the commercial photo booth where you can take plenty of photos of yourself or friends with different background. That was cool!

Overall the first impression was really great - Simple. The box opening experience is delightful and same as any Apple product, e.g. iPod etc.

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